Tiger Lan’s breeding method

Tiger Lan’s breeding method

Soil and water requirements

Potted soil is mixed with rot leaf soil, coarse sand and peat. Fertilization should be applied during the growth period of the plant, and the amount of fertilization should not be excessive every ten tenths. Watering soil in summer and autumn should be watered in time, and watering should be poured through. In winter, Tiger Erlan will have a short period of dormancy in the short term.

Light and temperature requirements

When light is strong in summer, shading should be performed. In autumn, lighting and water and fertilizer management should be strengthened, thereby promoting the good development of inflorescences, which is conducive to the beauty of the entire posture. The suitable temperature during the growth period of Tiger Lan is 18 ~ 24 ° C, and the temperature should be kept at 13 ~ 15 ° C in winter.

Tiger’s breeding method

Sowing reproduction

The seeds of Tiger Lan will mature more than two months after flowering, and their seeds are relatively large, so they can be performed directly. After sowing, it can be sprouted in about 15 days. The real seedlings take four to five years to bloom.


The small bulbs of Tiger Ear Lan are relatively slow. Generally, it can be divided into divided into two to three years. When changing the basin in spring, the mother plant can be separated by hand, and the small bulb can be separated by hand.


From April to August, choose a relatively strong plant blade, cut it about ten centimeters, and insert one third into the river sand. Small buds, when the small buds grow to three true leaves, you can put it on the pot.

The above is the relevant introduction of Hu Erlan’s breeding method. Has the flower friends already mastered?