Tiger pattern pineapple breeding method and precautions

Plant habit

We mentioned above that its origin is in tropical regions in the Americas, so we can infer that it likes to be high, moist and sunny. In addition, it also has certain requirements for the soil, and we will involve this aspect.

specific method

Temperature: The suitable temperature for this plant growth is between 16 and 27 degrees Celsius. Specifically, from March to September, it is 21 to 27 degrees, and September to March of the following year Eleven. In addition, the temperature in winter is best controlled above five degrees. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention when the plant overwinter. If the temperature is too low, its leaves will be frozen and will cause it to wither.

Moisture: This plant needs a large need for this factor. If water is sufficient, it will grow faster. However, if short -term lack of water, it has no significant impact on it. Although it has a certain drought tolerance, long -term water deficiency is definitely not good.

Light: This is also more important. Except for summer light, it is necessary to give it appropriate shading measures, and you need sufficient sunshine at other times. Only in this way can its red bracts be glory. If the light is insufficient, the color of its leaves and flowers will be greatly affected.

Soil: The requirements for this are loose, breathable and drained, preferably sandy soil. If it is potted, we can mix the cultivation soil and rotten soil into a matrix.


When the temperature is very high in summer, in addition to ensuring watering, water can also be sprayed on the leaves, so that the surrounding humidity is 50 % to sixty.