Tiger’s breeding method and precautions

1. Breeding method

The tiger must like a wet and warm climate. They can’t carry the severe cold, and the soil requires fertile. The method of breeding tigers usually choose soil training. Season should be selected in spring. At this time, the temperature is most suitable for its growth. Choose a good tiger for small seedlings to prepare for planting. The size of the pot can be determined according to the size of the tiger’s beard. The soil must choose good drainage performance. Generally, it is recommended to mix and clean the soil in the use of users. Of course, if there are peat soil and perlite. It is necessary to ensure that the pH value is between 5.5 and 6.5. Before planting, disinfect the pot soil. Pay attention to putting the tiger in the center of the flower pot when planting, so that its root system can fully grow. After the pot is put on the basin, we must apply the bottom fertilizer to supplement the nutrition required for the growth of the tiger. After that, the tiger must grow up, remember to water it frequently, the tiger must not adapt to the drought environment!

2. Precautions

1. Temperature

The tiger must be suitable for growing in a warm environment. It is best to control the temperature between 18 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius. If it is lower than 13 degrees Celsius, the tiger must be frozen to death. Especially in winter, the tiger must not be allowed to be in an environment of less than 10 degrees Celsius for a long time. Otherwise, its roots will start rotten until the whole tiger must die.

2. Light

The tiger must like sufficient sunshine. Except for the sun’s sun exposure, it should be given more time to the sun at other times to ensure that it has enough light time every day. Otherwise, the leaves of the tiger will lose their gloss.

3. Soil

The tiger must not have high requirements for the soil, but prefers fertile and loose humus soil. Generally, the tiger must be replaced once in two years. Choose in spring.

Now do you have the answer to the two questions at the beginning of the article? Favorite friends hurry up and raise a pot of tigers!