Toon buds of breeding methods and precautions

Toon buds breeding method


The toon is warm, suitable for cultivation in areas with an average annual temperature of 8 to 10 ° C. Cold resistance increases with the increase of the tree age. In the cold and dry areas, early spring young trees are prone to dry branches.

Sowing temperature

The seedlings of the seeds can be frozen at about -10 ° C.


Xiguang, it is best to have more sunlight.


It is more humid and grows in the fertile and humid sandy loam soil near the river, beside the road or the house. The suitable soil pH is pH5.5 to 8.0, and the anti -pollution capacity is poor.

Toon buds breeding method

Seed reproduction

Spring at 10 cm in spring was sowed at 5 ° C. The seeds of the seeds have a layer of waxy quality, which is difficult to absorb water. Soak in warm water for 24 hours before sowing, and then urge buds (or mixed with wet sand) in a warm place. Wind barrier or soil can be provided in winter in North China. In the cold area, when the leaves of the saplings stopped growing, the seedlings were raised and faked overwinter in the cellar.


Digged in the past 10 days before the bud in early spring. You can also bury the soil of the root of the tree for one or two years, and leave a strong bud when the seedlings are 10 cm high after germination.

Toon buds of breeding precautions


It is harvested from the old -age trees, and the fruit becomes a suitable period before browning and not cracking. However, it is worth noting that the buds of buds every year are not too strong or without flowers.

Fertilizer and pruning

Organic fertilizers are applied every spring acupoints, cutting branches after returning to green. Watering after the picking, trimming the new shoots of the year from June to July to promote the hair side branches to increase yield.

Watering in the four seasons, fertilization

Watering and fertilization in summer and autumn, restore the trees and promote the full and full buds, reduce frost damage. Watering before winter.

Greenhouse cultivation

The greenhouse cultivation of toon is a false planting method. In November, the seedlings that have been dormant have been planted in the greenhouse through the two or three years of seedlings. Under a certain temperature and humidity, the nutrients stored in the body of the seedlings are raw short branches, and they eat tender leaves at 35 to 40 days or once.

The seedlings are abandoned after exhausting the seedlings, or 4 to 5 leaves are left during harvest to gradually resume their vitality and use it in winter and winter in summer and autumn.