What are the common varieties of pine chrysanthemum

Three -color pine chrysanthemum

The appearance characteristics of the three -color pine chrysanthemum: The main stems are short, there are branches in the close base, and the branches are red. It has more branches and dense;

Its leaves are growing. The leaf texture is fleshy, strip, and ditch, and most of the nipples are upstarted on the leaf surface and the back of the leaf.

The flowers of the three -color pine chrysanthemum are born on the top of the branches, opening every morning and morning, and the flowering period is between March and May.

The color of the three -color pine chrysanthemum is rich and diverse, including white, pink, red, yellow and other colors, which is most suitable for potted ornamental and spring flower bed layout.

Longye Songye chrysanthemum

Listen to its name, you know that the leaves of this pine chrysanthemum must be longer than the leaves of other pine chrysanthemums.

Its emerald green, fleshy, leaf -shaped slender and slim, the top is very sharp;

The color of its flowers is bright, red, and the flowers are single at the top of the branches. The petals are dense. The center of the flower is yellow, small and delicate.

Silk -like pine chrysanthemum

The leaves of silk -shaped pine chrysanthemums are as small and dense as silk as silk, with fleshy, green and green, and to the creatures;

Its flowers are rich in color, but they are mainly purple -red, small and dense flowers, and several clusters are clustered at the top of the branches;

Orange yellow pine chrysanthemum

Of course, the flower of this kind of pine chrysanthemum is orange -yellow, with bright and dazzling colors, but also fresh and elegant;

Its leaves are also meaty, emerald green, lush growth, showing the biological traits.

Well, Xiaobian has found these most common varieties of Pine -leaf chrysanthemums for you. I don’t know if you still know what kind of pine -leaf chrysanthemums, you might as well tell Xiaobian!