What are the common varieties of pomegranate flowers


Fruit pomegranates are practical pomegranates, and of course they also have ornamental value. There are red flowers and white flowers, and the fruits are divided into pomegranate and sweet pomegranate. The peel is red, white and yellow -green.

Flower pomegranate


White pomegranate is also called silver grenade. The flowers are white, the fruit is yellow and white, and the flowers bloom in May to June. The flowering period is later. A single petal, a thousand -petal white pomegranate.


The color is slightly yellow, the peel is yellow, the flower is a single petal, and the petals are called thousands of yellow pomegranate.

Red pomegranate

It is also called big fruit pomegranate, red flower, single petal. The big petal flower is a large red pomegranate, also known as a thousand layer of red pomegranate.

Agate pomegranate

The flowers are relatively large, with red stripes or white stripes or red and white stripes, which are also called thousands of color pomegranate and glass pomegranate.

Yin Hong pomegranate

Water -red flowers have single petals and double petals.

Louzi pomegranate

The petals of the center are dense, rising, layers of layers, the stamens are like fire, and the petals are large.


There are two red flowers blooming in the branches, which is like a pair of beautiful bells.

Pomegranate dwarf species

Rose pomegranate

Red flowers, single petals, flowers are long, and mature fruits are pink, also known as moon -moon grenade and four seasons pomegranates. The plant is short, one meter high, the branches are soft and dense, and the leaves are lanceolate. Dental petals are thousands of rose pomegranate.


Red flowers, flowers and fruits are very small, and when the fruit is mature, it has instructed purple and black and brown.

The pomegranate flower variety is introduced here, I hope to help everyone understand the pomegranate flower.