What are the hawthorn varieties suitable for potted plants?

Shandong Great Venus

Mainly produced in Shandong.The fruit is flat, the peel is dark red, the fruit is very large, and it is yellow -brown.Bailu weighs 1600 grams, which is currently the largest hawthorn variety.Blossoms are usually blossomed in early May, and fruits are mature in mid -late October.

Red cotton

Mainly produced in Yantai, Shandong.The fruit is flat, the peel is dark red, rough and non -gloss, and the fruit is yellow -brown and prominent.Passion weighs 1200 grams.The flesh is white to pink, thick and soft, sweet and sour.Blossoming in mid -May and in late October, the fruit matured.

Yan Yanhong

Mainly produced in Hebei.The fruits are rounded, the fruit is yellow -brown, the peel is dark red and shiny, and it is smaller.Passion weighs 768 grams.The flesh is dense and delicate, pink to dark, sweet and sour.Compared with cold, drought resistance.Blossoming in mid -May and early October mature.