What are the main varieties of fortune trees

Taiwan Fortune Tree

Taiwan ’s fortune tree is Barama, and it may be considered as a Taiwanese tree species when looking at its name, but in fact its origin is Mexico. Because it is widely planted in Taiwan, it is very famous. Essence Most of the fortune trees planted on our mainland are introduced from Taiwan, and the value of ornamental is extremely high. If in a narrow sense, what we usually call a fortune tree basically refers to the variety of Taiwan Fortune Tree. Because some of its petioles are eight small leaves, and “eight” and “hair” are homophonic again, the south gradually calls it a fortune tree.

Big Leaf Fortune Tree

The original name of the big leaves was originally called Queensland umbrella, and Europe was its origin. Seeing its name, you know that the leaves must be the main characteristic of this variety, and its ornamental value is also reflected in the leaves. Therefore, pay attention to making the leaves facing the yang when breeding to ensure that it grows good.

Fortune Liangshu

Fortune beautiful trees, also known as goose palm firewood, belong to Wujiake. It is produced in the southeast coastal areas such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Fujian, Hainan, and has high economic value. It has a softer wooden texture, so it can be used to make matches or raw materials for steamer. In addition, its leaves and rhizomes can be used as medicine, which can treat popular colds and bruises.

In summary, the main varieties of the fortune tree are Taiwan ’s fortune tree, large leaves, and rich trees. It is a very common family potted plant and green plant.