What are the main varieties of gold marbles

The main varieties of gold marbles

Golden bullets are distributed and cultivated in East China, South China, and Central China.The current listing and participating exhibitions are mainly golden marbles in Sichuan and Hubei, but these two gold marbles are different. First, look at Sichuan gold marbles. This variety has the characteristics of Ye Xiaoguo, and as long as the cultivation period is metSmall, miniature bonsai or small pile heads can also hang fruit in the pot.

Hubei gold marbles are divided into three types: large leaf, middle and leaflets, large leaf fruit, large and large, and small leaf fruit.Some small pile heads have been cultivated for many years.The biggest special feature of Hubei Golden Spasters is that its winter is not fallen in winter. During the New Year’s Day to the Spring Festival every year, the fruit gold marbles change from green leaves to red, red and green, and dry branches.

In addition, because the golden marble is male and female, potted gold marbles are also divided into two types: fruit and non -hung fruit.