What are the main varieties of Oden


The height of the plant is about 3 meters to 7 meters, the flowering period is from April to May, and the fruit period is June to July. The fragrance, especially when it is planted, has a strong aroma, but is very refreshing. It is a plant produced in Southeast Europe and is planting in most parts of China.

White flower Oden

It is also called Baihuayang clove. It is also planted in most parts of my country. Its buds and flowers are white, and the flowering period is May.

Purple Ouyra

Its flowers are purple -red, and the flowering period is also May.


The flowers are blue, a flower composed of multiple layers of petals.

The above four types of flowers are the same except the color of the flowers and the petals, including the growth environment, maintenance methods, etc. But there is also a big difference between the growth environment and plant form.

Blue Flower Oujly

The height of plants is between 2 meters and 3 meters, the flowering period is white and light blue -purple, and its flowering period is after mid -April. This is a plant produced in Europe, growing at an altitude of 1200 meters.

Except for Oden, the other four are its variants, but they all inherit the floral fragrance of the original species and have excellent ornamental.