What are the types of wisteria

Silver vine

Yin Teng, as the name implies, flowers are often white as jade. Therefore, it is often called Baihua Wisteria. The fragrance of this plant is very strong, the branches are more slender and cold -resistant. Therefore, it is recommended to plant southern friends.

Red jade vine

Most of the flowers of red jade vine are dark peach red, magnificent and beautiful. Compared with other varieties, the flowers of red jade vines are larger, and each series of lengths are moderate, which is more suitable for potted plants. The maneuver can reach more than 20 meters!

White jade vine

The flowers of white jade vines are white as silver vine, but the inflorescence is shorter, the body shape is smaller, and it is more common. It is a small wisteria that is very suitable for potted plants.

Three -foot vine

Although the three -foot vine is called three feet, the inflorescence does not actually reach three feet, but only about 60 ~ 70 cm. The flowers of three -foot vine are small, the color is green, and the body is moderate. Therefore, it is very suitable whether it is potted or planted in the courtyard.


The color of the poly flower wisteria is different from the common purple, but the rare tender pink, and the aroma of the flowers is more like the fragrance of pea flowers. In the inflorescence, the length is also twice the common wisteria, and it is very stunning when it is planted in large areas.

Staple wisteria

The petals of the stroke wisteria are purple, the inflorescence is relatively short, but it is thick and rich. Each flower is like a bunch of grapes because of the multiple petals, which is very ornamental.