What are the varieties of fake babies?

Yellow Flower Fake Sky Flower

Seeing its name, you will know that this kind of fake flowers must be yellow flowers. Yes, the plants of the yellow flower fake blooming flowers are attached to the growing potential, which is irrigated. prick.

The flower blooming is yellow, mainly distributed in Brazil.

Dance of the Flower

The unique one among the fake flower flowers grows upright, the branches grow in a bida, the surface of the stem nodes is gray or dark green, the shape of a cylinder, no edges.

This fake flower flower is also yellow, and the flowers are often single in the edge of the net, pink or pink purple.


Is this fake flowers just as beautiful as a peacock? The peacock is faked, and its leaf degenerates into a flat -shaped and a thick bhomarous leaf -shaped leaf.

The leaf -shaped stems are very long, and the growth of the edges is covered with a thick sawtooth thyroid.

It often grows the green stems of emeralds, and a small amount of fine spines will be covered on the tender stems.

Hybrid fake light flowers

It turns out that it is a mixed -race. This kind of fake latter flower is a hybrid variety of Gaishi fake flames and falling dances. It will not grow in general areas. It is rare. The flowers grow, the flowers are small, and the calyx is pointed.

Apes love reed

This kind of fake vertical plant is upright or arched to a drooping growth, and it will become small -shaped with growth, and there are many branches.

The stem nodes are dark green, the cylindrical growth, its mesh eyes are small, and short hair covers growth.

The peanuts are growing at the top of the young branches, which are golden or orange.