What are the varieties of sunflowers

There are pollen varieties

In California, the most widely planted variety is “bright sun”, which has golden flowers, brown -yellow cores and hard rods.

Non -pollen variety

“Moonlight bright” lemon yellow petals and dark brown stamens

“Sunshine beam” golden yellow flower, green stamen

“Lemon full of sunlight” bright yellow flowers, black stamens

“Orange full of sun” golden flower, black stamens.

New varieties that deviate from sunflower standards

“Sonja” has a medium -sized, 4 -inch golden orange flower, with a black core. It is suitable for the decoration of sunflowers in a small bouquet.

“Toy Bear” is another novel variety. It is a short variety with rich orange petals, making it a somewhat vague appearance.

“Floristan” is a two -color variety with bronze and red flowers, yellow flowers and black cores.

“Prado Red” has a black core, surrounded by brown -yellow flowers with slightly red yellow flowers, about 4 inches in diameter. Other rich, autumn colors are “autumn beauty” and “surplus of sunset”.