What color does the other shore flowers


The red on the other side of the red is probably the most common one, which includes:

Salva and garlic, small bright red flowers, and clotal petals, folds and anti -rolls.

Deer onion, also known as Xia Narcoon, wild stone, cup -shaped flowers, the color is pink. The flower stems are very high. There are 4 to 8 flowers at the top, mainly blooming in August with aroma.

Rose and garlic, the color is mainly rose red, the petals are rolled, and the leaves will grow in the autumn, and the leaves are strap.

The aroma garlic is also a cup -shaped flower. When the flowers are first blooming, it is white, and then gradually becomes colorful to become meat red.


Suddenly laughing is a well -known one in the flower of the other bank. The flower is large, the flowers are bright yellow or orange, with folds and anti -rolls.

Chinese stone garlic, it is similar to the sudden laugh, the flowers are also yellow, but the corolla is longer, and the flowering time is relatively early.


White flower is a variant of safflower and garlic. The biggest difference between it and safflower is the color of the flowers. Flowers are mostly open in September.

The flowers of the long cylindrical is the flower type. The flowers are pure white and folds. Pay attention to it after the flower fades, it does not grow the leaves.

The short stamen is a type of white, but its flower buds are pink, and the flowers are milk yellow, and then gradually becomes white.

Compound color system

Changing brocade flowers are also a very interesting type in stone garlic. Cup -shaped flowers, the petals are a little blue -purple, just like Jinxia.

Discolory stone garlic will change color when blooming. When it starts, it is bright red, and the petals are not curled. Then the edge of the petals gradually becomes white, becoming red and white flowers.