What conditions will Nan Tianzhu become red


First of all, we should know that this plant is divided into different types. Some varieties are originally red, but the depth of color will be different with the changes in the surrounding conditions. For example, the red leaf Nan Tianzhu is almost red all year round. The green leaves are different. Most of the time, it is green, but it will become red under certain conditions. Below, we mainly introduce how to make the first red look better, and how to make the second south Tianzhu red.

specific method

For the first type of plant, with the change of light and the changes in the season, its red will also change. For example, if the plant is in an environment with sufficient light, its leaves will appear bright red, and it is good to look at it from a distance. However, if the sun is not seen for a long time, its red will be very shallow, and it will not be so good. In addition, if in winter, the plant’s leaves will accumulate a certain nutrients. At this time, the color is dark red.

For the second plant, because it does not show red itself, it can only be red under special conditions. Specifically, low temperature will turn it red. With the evolution of the seasons, the temperature is relatively low at the end of autumn or in winter. After this situation lasts for a while, it will form a chemical called colorful pigment. This substance will make its leaves and fruits red. In addition, there is another reason for it to become red in this period. This is similar to the above, that is, storage of some nutrients, so it will make it dark red.