What is the blind branch of the rose flowers?

Rose flowers appear blind branches

Blind branches refer to some branches that stop growing, or there are no bud points at the top of the plant during the growth of plants. When the rose flowers grow, such branches will appear. It seems that the branches are still green, but they no longer grow. More and more dense.

Most of the reason why rose flowers have blind branches are because of poor growth. If the rose flowers lack fertilizer, they will lack nutrition. The nutrients are snatched by other branches, causing the branches to stop growing. Of course, the blind branches of rose flower also include the effect of insufficient light.

What to do if the rose flowers are blind branches

For the problem of blind branches of rose, it can be dealt with two points. One is to maintain maintenance, and the other is to trim in time.

Insufficient nutrition can lead to blind branches in the rose flowers, so fertilization is a very important impact work. When breeding the rose flower, you must supplement fertilizer in time. During breeding, you need to maintain sufficient light.

If you find that the rose flowers have blind branches, trim it early and cut off the blind branches of the rose flowers.

When trimming, trim the blind branches, cut off the upper part of the branches, pay attention to keep the bud point in the half part. If you are strong, you can continue to cut down.

If a blind branch appears in the rose flowers, I believe that all the flower friends already know what to do.