What is the difference between Peony Solong and Tianqi

Belong to

The family belongs to peony spylla

Peony Schilan is a bells of the beams, native to southern Africa. Cultivation in my country is for viewing only.

Tian Qi’s family

Tian Qi is a plant of the five -plus science ginseng. It is a precious Chinese medicinal material unique to China. It has great medicinal value.

Appearance feature

The appearance characteristics of peony spylla

The stems of the peony and orchid are relatively weak, very slim, meaty and thick, and bright and green. There are edges and corners on the branches, and after extension, it becomes semi -Portuguese.

The leaves are long and round, and they are raised; they grow up lying on the slopes, and there are many branches, so the branches and leaves are lush;

The flowers of peony and orchids are born on the top of the branches or axillary, with 4,2 large cracks, which are tapered in the inverted, and

Most of the petals are red -purple, the colors are very gorgeous, growing in shape, the central part is pale yellow, the shape is like chrysanthemum, and the flowers are shiny. The flowering period is between spring and autumn.

Tian Qi’s appearance characteristics

Tian Qi’s rhizomes, as well as the leaves of the plants grow upright, have jagged growth on the leaves, so it is not smooth and smooth.

Tian Qi’s leaves are very thin, the leaves are wide and larger than the peony hanging orchid, and it is covered with fluff.

Its flowers grow in spherical, the petals are thick and small, and clustered together, so dense like a ball, the flower branches are long, and it is single.

Well, the above is the difference between peony Schrodilia and Tianqi. Do you remember? If there are other fresher and clear differences, you can also tell Xiaobian!