What kind of chrysanthemums are there

Classification of chrysanthemum varieties

Classified according to the flowering period

Xiaju: Also known as five nine chrysanthemums, it blooms once in May and September each year.

Qiuju: The flowering period of Qiuju is divided into morning and evening. In mid -to -late September, medium -sized early early chrysanthemums bloom, and large chrysanthemums in from 10th to November are blooming. It is the most commonly cultivated autumn chrysanthemum.

Hulk: It is also a winter chrysanthemum, and the flowering period is from December to January.

Classified by flower stems

Xiao Ju: The flower stem is below 6cm.

Zhongju: The flower stem is 6-10cm.

Daju: The flower stem is above 10cm.

Classified by color

Monochrome chrysanthemum: The general color is red, powder, white, purple, etc., remove the basic color system, each color system can be divided into several colors, which is more difficult to grasp.

Compound chrysanthemum: The color of compound chrysanthemums is rich in color, and some flowers have two colors, such as “pupae”; there are different back and abdomen color, such as yellow back on the back and red belly on the abdomen. Some chrysanthemums use one color as the background, and there are spots or stripes of various colors, such as pink and purple as the background color, and a white spots with white spots. There are many ways to match the complex color.

Classified by cultivation

Chrysanthemums can be divided into four categories: modeling chrysanthemum, ground, potted chrysanthemum, and chrysanthemum cut.

Common chrysanthemums

Ink peony: Color is usually red, as elegant as peony.

White peony: white and flawless, like fairy.

Yaotai Yufeng: Cherish chrysanthemum. The white petals are wrapped in yellow flowers, with a graceful beauty.

Fairy Ganoderma: The petals are slender and the tail is orange.

Swan Dance: Part of the chrysanthemum petals inside, part of the outward, like a swan dancing.

The above is the relevant introduction of chrysanthemum varieties.