What kind of colorful pepper is


The fruit is upward, the shape is round, round -hearted or conical, and the fruit is single in the leaf axillary.The fruit color becomes red from white, or red and yellow after turning blue purple.In addition, there are single colors, as well as the type of green, white yellow or red.


Also called bergamoty, most of the fruits of this variety are born on the end of the branches, mostly long -hearted or conical shapes, and the color is mostly white or green or red.


Fruits are born in leaf axillary.Fruit drooping, most of them are irregularly conical.Depending on the variety, the size of the body is different, and the fruit color becomes red or yellow.


Fruits are born in leaf axillary.The fruit is drooping, most of which are tapered round squares, there are multi -edge shapes, the horns are smooth, and the fruit color generally changes from green to white or red or yellow or black purple.And there is a distinction between long, short, tall, and short.

In addition, it can be divided according to the high, medium, and dwarf according to the plant type. The height can reach 1 meter, while the dwarf type is only 10 cm.