What kind of flower pots are used for the Fedeing Clivia?

Type of flower pot

To choose a flower pot that is most suitable for breeding, we must first understand what kind of flower pots are. Flower pots can be roughly divided into plastic pots, tile pots and glazed pots.

Plastic basin

Plastic pots have a variety of colors such as white, green, and black. It is relatively light, easy to carry, and it is not easy to damage. There are more holes on the bottom of the flower pot, which is conducive to drainage. There are some plastic pots with a tray that can be used for viewing, but the tray must be removed during cultivation.

Tile pot

The tile basin’s ventilation is better, which is suitable for cultivation pots, but because it is fired at low temperature, it is relatively fragile and easily damaged.

Glazed pot

Many of the glazed pots have artistic value and can be used as ornamental products of the exhibition. The glazed pot can also be used to cultivate Clivia Orchids, but the price of the glazed pot is more expensive, and it is easy to damage during the cultivation management process. Cultivation pot.

Suitable for breeding Clivia’s flower pot

Because Clivia is a meat root, drought to resistance is afraid of waterlogging, it is suitable for growing in soils with good water and water seepage and drainage. Therefore, the choice of flower pots also requires better water penetration and water permeability. According to the characteristics of Clivia, Xiaobian recommends to use mud tile pots to cultivate Clivia, and it should also select the appropriate mud tile pot according to the size of Clivia. Do not use small pots with large pots, small flowers with small pots, small seedlings use deep pots with deep pots. Wait. If you can’t buy a mud tile pot locally, you can choose a plastic basin or porcelain pot instead.