What kind of flower types are there in peony flowers

Single -petal peony flower

There are more than ten petals of single -petal peony flowers, two to three rounds, and the shape is wide. Its result is strong. Such flower types include opium purple, pomegranate red, Feng Danbai and so on.

Lotus peony flowers

There are many petals of lotus peony flowers, with more than twenty pieces, four to five rounds. They are neatly arranged, wide in shape, and have individual stamens and pistil stigma. The representatives of this type of flower include Lotus, Jinyunhong, and jade board white.

Chrysanthemum peony flower

The shape of chrysanthemum -type peony flowers gradually decreases from the outside to the inside. Its arrangement is neat, with clear layers, and the petals have more than six rounds. However, their results are poor. Such flower types include rose red, Congzhong Xiao, and Jinpaohong.

Rose peony flower

Rose -type peony flowers and petals are similar to chrysanthemum -type, and their strong ability is not high. This type of flower types include purple two Qiao, Wu Jinyaohui, and Hongxia contending.

Thousands of Terrace Type Peony Flowers

There are many petals below the Millennium Mid -type peony flower. The arrangement is neat and normal, the petals below are small, the shape is flat and the stamens are small. Its representatives include fat red, Shouxing red, etc.

Hanging peony flower

Part of the peony flower part of the stamens are slender petals, and the petals are not arranged neatly and have strength. Such flower types include ladylike, red, and Xian’e.

Golden Ring Peony Flower

There is a circle of normal stamens in the middle of the middle petals and peripheral petals in the golden ring -type peony flower, which is a cash ring, with poor conclusions. This flower type is extremely rare.

Crown Peony Flower

The name of the crown peony flower is thorough and towering because of its petals. The shape is irregular, occasionally valve and degeneration, which represents Lantian jade, Hu Hong, Yao Huang, etc.

Hydrangea peony flower

The petals of hydrangea -type peony flowers are crowded and bulging, showing spherical shapes, without strong abilities, representing varieties such as bean green and green balls.