What kind of varieties are there in Yuyi Ganlan

Flower Yuya Cabbage

It belongs to the species of ornamental. The plant shape is beautiful, easy to cultivate, and the viewing period is long. It can also be viewed in winter. The viewing value is high. It is an important material for the layout of the flower bed. It can also be used for potted ornamental and cutting flowers. The sowing time is carried out from mid-July to early August, and planting is planted in mid-to-late August. The viewing period is from November to December.

Oriental Green Nen

Good quality, storage resistance, good growth, leaf color is dark green, without wax powder, and the edges of tender leaves curls into wrinkles. This variety has characteristics such as heat -resistant and cold -resistant, fertilizer -resistant, late pumping, and long harvesting period. Both the cultivation of the spring and autumn and open fields and the cultivation of the greenhouses or yang in the winter. It usually takes 50 days to plant to harvest, and the output is high.


The hybrid breeds introduced from the Netherlands. In the medium height, the leaf color is blue -green, the curling is large, the appearance is neat and generous, the quality is excellent, and the resistance is very strong. It can not only be used to cultivate in spring and autumn, but also can be cultivated in protective land in winter.

White coat

Gao Sheng, round leaves, early coloring, heart leaves are milky white, and the edge of the green outer lobe has a sharp contrast. The plant type is neat, the plant height is about 40 cm, it is extremely cold -resistant, can resist -10 ° C low temperature, grows strong, and good disease resistance.