What kinds of grape Wind Shinzi

1. Purple Grape Wind Shinzi

Purple grape style is a variety of purple flowers. It has high plants. When flowering, it is purple -blue grape skewers, but the top of the flower is white and white and blue are very beautiful.

Second, Tianlan Grape Wind Shinzi

Tiansan Grape Wind belongs to the purple flower variety. It is a dwarf plant. When blooming, it is a small blue grape -shaped flower, like a string of mature grapes, elegant and beautiful.

Third, Phynis Grape Wind Scholes

Phoenisse grape wind is a purple flower variety, with a dense grape -like flower, the flower is light blue, and it has a trace of silver reflection, which will produce a dreamy color.

Fourth, dark blue grape style

Deep blue grape style also belongs to the purple flower variety. When the flower is as soon as the name is opened, it is blue, and then it becomes dark purple blue, forming two colors of inflorescence. The tip of the flowers will have a white ring. Gorgeous.

5. White grapes Xinzi

White grape style is a variety of white flowers. The plant type is relatively short. The small white flowers are opened. The flowers are very dense. The grape skewers are generated, and it is very fragrant.

6. White Beauty Grape Wind Shinzi

White beauty grape style belongs to white varieties. Unlike white grape style, the leaves are stripped and fleshy, and small white grape -like flowers when blooming. sharp contrast.