What kinds of Tielan is

Light Purple Flower Pineapple

Also known as octopus flower pineapple, the plant plant is short, the leaf is tip and long, and the leaf color is gray -green.

Silver leaf flower pineapple

Non -stems, long needle -shaped leaves, leaf -colored gray green.The base is yellow and white, the inflorescence is long and curved, the flowers are yellow or blue, and the arrangement is relatively loose.

Old man

The buds are dark purple.The elderly must rely on the scales on the leaves to absorb the water and nutrients in the air to maintain their lives. Ye Lin, the old man’s beard, can reflect the sun, reduce the water transpiration, and the growth form is unique.

Zihua Pineapple

The height of the purple pineapple plant is less than 30 cm, and its leaves are relatively narrow. The races are on the short stems. The color is green, the apex is pointed, and the leaf is about 30 ~ 35cm.The back of the leaves is brown -green, and the base has purple -brown spot halo. The small flowers are open from bottom to top, and they are blue -purple.