What should I do if there are too many green Luo roots?


When breeding the green dill. It is often found that it has a long beard roots. These beard roots are actually the so -called gas root. In the face of these long roots, many flower friends don’t know what to do.

In fact, these whiskers growing out of Green Luo still have a certain role. These roots can mainly help plants to absorb water in the air, and then the branches and leaves can breathe. Therefore, the more lush roots grow. Essence

If the root of the gas is stained with the soil or inserted into the water, a large number of small beard roots will be germinated, and then it can be further developed into the root of the green dill. After growth and development, plants are more likely to grow new axillary buds and side buds, and growth will be more robust.

Do you need to cut it?

In fact, when most flower buddies find that the green dill has grown long beard roots, the first idea is to cut it off. After all, this long whisker does not necessarily bring good ornamental effects to Green Luo. Lose. But Xiaobian wants to tell you that the roots of green Luo are best not cut off.

The first is because the roots of the green dill play a good auxiliary role in its growth and development, so leaving these qi root, your green dill will grow more vigorously.

Secondly, if the root of the gas is cut off, there may be some bad consequences, such as damage to the leaves, cracks, and so on. Because the qi root is cut off, the leaves will reduce the absorption of water, and the leaves will have problems and affect the viewing.

In the end, if the root of the green dill is cut short, the root system will definitely leave the wound. The direct consequences that these wounds will cause is that the germs are more likely to invade. The root of the root will reduce the invasion of the germs. If the root system is cut short and with wounds, the germs find the gap of invasion, which will severely cause the roots of the green dill to rot.

Therefore, it is best not to cut off the long roots of the green dill. If you can, deal with these anger rooting and put it on the shape that is more suitable for ornamental. It can also increase the ornamental nature of green dill ~