What should I pay attention to when the balcony breeding rattan should pay attention to this season

Breeding space

When we planted a rattan on the balcony, the first thing to pay attention to is a space problem. The growth rate of Teng’s rose is fast, and the climbing is very strong. If there is no enough space on the balcony, it will appear very crowded, and it may affect its growth if it has sufficient growth space. Very unfavorable.


When breeding vines this season, people may like to choose larger pots and put a lot of soil to meet its growth needs. At this time, its entire plant and flower pots will produce great weight. But in fact, when many balconies are designed, there is no problem with load -bearing. So if you want to cultivate on the balcony, you need to consider its weight, choose some lighter soil for breeding.

Light demand

Teng’s rose is a happy plant. If the light is insufficient when breeding, it will not grow well. The light on the balcony is generally not very good. Some balconies may be half -day, which can be cultivated, but the flowering may be worse, and the flowers will be relatively small.


Because most of the current balconies are closed, and one of the consequences is poor ventilation. This is not suitable for grafted vines this season. Generally, the open -air balcony needs to be selected. If it is planted on a closed balcony, its branches can be extended to the outside of the protective bar.


This problem is relatively easy to solve. The cold resistance of Teng’s rose is still very good. It can be overwinter in the southern region, and it is also possible to pay attention to the northern region. However, it is necessary to pay attention to a cold wind. You can prevent wind.