When will clove bloom

Flowering period

Due to the different varieties of lilacs, the flowering time is different, but most of the flowering time is between April and May.

The amount of lilac flowers is large, mostly white, purple, yellow, etc., rich in color, sweet and sweet flower fragrance, and also a variety of ornamental flowers.



In the spring, various colors of flowers are developed and growing more in my country’s temperate regions. The ornamental is extremely great and can be split into the sea of ​​flowers and gives people a beautiful enjoyment.

Fast and medicinal lilac

This kind of lilac is a tropical plant, which is native to the Maluko Islands and its surrounding islands in Indonesia. It is mostly used to make spices and develop drugs.

Male clove

Gong clove is a kind of lilac that does not bloom. There are only flower buds. Flower buds can be made after drying.

Female clove

Mother clove refers to a mature lilac fruit that can make spices like flowers.

Precautions for lilac flowers breeding

First of all, clove farming should be maintained from their childhood. During the clove seedlings, we must do a good job of windproofing. You can use bamboo to fix the clove tree trunk to reduce the damage caused by shaking.

Followed by weeding: Weeded weeding from July to October each year, remove the grass around the lilac plants, but do not throw the grass away, cover the grass on the plant, and can make green fertilizer.

After the small seedlings grow into large seedlings, it can be properly trimmed. Cutting from the ground 30 cm from the ground can help the growth of the branches and the lush growth of the branches and leaves.

Finally, the environment of growth: Lilac likes the sun, humid, but drought to resist, so watering should not be too much, but when it is more drought in spring, you can water once during the buds and flowers, and reserve enough water.

It is required to be fertile and excellent drainage of sandy soil. Lilac does not like large fertilizer, so you don’t need to fertilize more, otherwise it will affect flowering.

Lilac’s blooming growth also needs to turn the pot every three years and change the new soil. When turning the pot, trim the root system to remove the roots and old roots.