When will Fuso bloom

Why does Fusang Flower Blossom

The flowering period of Fuso can be said to be very long, basically blooming throughout the year, but the blooming period of the Fuso is before June to October every year. At this time, the flowers are continuous and very beautiful.But the single flower of Fuso is usually withered in the morning and evening.

How to raise a lot of flowers and flowers

Although it is said that the Fuso flower period is long, in order to make it better bloom, it must be maintained reasonably.The first is to make reasonable fertilization.Beginning in May, Fuso has entered the growth period. At this time, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer need to be applied to promote its growth and flowering.It will be blooming one after another since June, and phosphate fertilizer should be applied once a month, which can promote continuous flowers.But note that although Fuso is more fertilizer, you ca n’t apply too much fertilization. It is best to apply diligence.

It is necessary to ensure sufficient light during the growth period so that blooming will be good.In addition, it needs to be trimmed in time, so that the amount of spending will be relatively large.The plant type will also be more beautiful.

Fusheng flowering picture appreciation