When will Jinji Blossom

Jinji Er’s Flower

Jinji Blossom is mainly in spring, when everything recovers. Blossoms are generally started in April, and it can last until May.

The flowering period of Jinji Er is not long. From April to the flowering period in May, it lasted very short. It will only fade after more than a month. Seeds, seeds can be used to sow and reproduce. The fruiting period is from July to September.

Jinji Er’s flowering form

When the brocade blooms, the flowers are born on the base of the old branches or the axillary base of the young branches, and sometimes there are 2-3 small umbrellas. Corolla color is yellow, with light and red, ovate or nearly circular, a little pointed on the pair of petals, two petals, two petals, like a bird to fly.

After the flowers blooming, the fruits of the brocade are mainly linear pods. When mature, cylindrical, 2 petals. Seeds are long and round or close -to -spherical.

Precautions for Blossom Blossoms

Jinji Er must be fully watered in spring, giving the plant sufficient water, and can keep the pot soil moist, which can extend the flowering period.

Jinji Er should pour liquid fertilizer once before blooming in spring, and fertilize before flowering, to make the Jinji plant have sufficient nutrients to cope with all consumption of Jinji Er when the blooming. After flowering, you can chase fertilizer again, causing its branches and leaves to grow. In general, Jinji Er has to do well in water and fertilizer management to supplement nutrition in a timely manner.

Secondly, Jinji can cut off the flower branches after flowering, which can promote the growth of the new branches.

Jinji Er’s flowering picture appreciation