When will Milan blossom

1. Flower time

Milan is a plant with a long flowering period. Its flowering period is from July -August, or it will bloom in the four seasons.It is more characteristic. The axillary is a conical inflorescence, and the yellow flowers are very fragrant.

2. Precautions

When Milan blossoms, it will emit a strong aroma. When the temperature is high, the stronger the aroma.But in summer, if Milan flowers are placed in a more hidden place and applied nitrogen fertilizer, it will make it flowers less and lack the aroma.

During the growth of Milan flowers, we must maintain sufficient light and apply some fertilizers with phosphorus to help flowering.

During the flowering of Milan, watering should be moderate, so as not too much, so as not to make Milan flowers falling flowers and buds.Because Milan flowers will bloom many times within a year, after each flower, you need to pursue it in a timely manner, so that it will continue to spend.

Third, picture appreciation