When will mint bloom

Mint flowering period

Mint blossoms, its flowers are born on the branches, and the flowers bloom are purple, white and pink spikes, giving people a fresh and elegant feeling;

Mint is axillary in a wheel umbrella. The outline is shaped, the stems are slender, and the fluff is covered with fluff.

The calyx is bell -shaped, and the outer pill and glands are covered with dots, while there is no hair cover inside;

The flower medicine is ovate, and the flower plate grows flat.

The flowering period of mint is between July and September each year. At this time, the flowers are bright and bright.

Mint flowering period maintenance


Mint preferences to grow under a humid climate and like a humid but not more than a humid environment; so avoid dry growth environment, pay attention to often sprinkle water around, especially in hot and dry summer. Pay attention to moisturizing work.

Light management

Mint into the light environment of strong light exposure, but it must have enough light to make the plant strong and grow. Therefore, it must also provide a good light environment. The more insufficient light, the easier it is to make the plant be increased, and the leaves and leaves are drooping. And its influence of aesthetics will also weaken the number of flowers.

Fertilization management

When fertilizing, you only need to apply some ternary or multiple compound fertilizers in the water body or to the pot soil, so that the rhizome can absorb sufficient nutrients.

It is also necessary to use the special fertilizer required by the plants, such as potassium fertilizers, and the potassium fertilizer should be performed on time to ensure the absorption of the plant and promote growth.

Alright, the above is the knowledge of mint blooming introduced by Xiaobian, do you know?