When will osmanthus blossom

When will it bloom

When it comes to the flowering of osmanthus, in fact, this is what kind of osmanthus is, because of different varieties of osmanthus, their flowering time is different, and the color of flowering is also different.

Jin Gui blooms from September to October, and the color is golden yellow.The blooming of Yin Gui is also from September to October, but the color of the flowers is white or yellow and white.Dangui blooming in October, the color is orange -red or orange -yellow.The four seasons are usually blooming in a small amount in the four seasons, and the color is white.


When osmanthus blooms, it is mainly tasting from the color and taste of flowering.The most fragrant osmanthus is Yingui, but this osmanthus color is the lighter. The aroma of Jin Gui is not as good as Yin Gui, but it is worse than the color.So its advantage is also obvious.