When will Purple Lee Li results?

Fruiting period

The fruits of purple leaves look like plums, ball -shaped small fruits, round, but very cute.

Purple -leaf Li is generally result in August.


Although Purple Leaf Li can bear the results, it has fewer fruits and looks much smaller than plums.The fruits of purple leaves are mainly purple -red, and the color is deeper than the color of the leaves.


Don’t eat the fruits of purple leaves at will.

First of all, the fruit of the purple leaves that can be eaten refers to the completely mature fruits.Only if the fruit is completely mature, it will be delicious. In the immature fruits, it will contain a large amount of organic acids and tannins. It tastes sour and astringent, affecting the taste.

Secondly, purple leaves are planted on the roadside. These are mainly used as green plants. They may spray a lot of pesticides, and there will be pesticide residues on the fruit.And because it grows on the side of the road, a large amount of exhaust and pollutants are also absorbed.These substances are harmful to the human body.