When will Purple Pearl Blossom

Purple Pearl Flower

The leaves of purple pearls are pink purple and the edges of the leaves are white, which is really beautiful; and its flowers are definitely not lost to the beauty of the leaves. When the late summer and early autumn come, the flower stems will grow from the leaves and slowly bloom them. Slightly purple orange flowers, two -color mixing, particularly beautiful and bright.

Therefore, the flowering period of purple pearls is generally in the late summer and early autumn.

The form of purple pearl flowers

The flowers of purple pearls, like their names, are slightly purple flowers when blooming, fresh and beautiful; the periphery of the flowers is pink -purple calyx, with 5 slices of each other, wrapped in flowers, like guards, they are, they are, they It will also stretch with the bloom of flowers.

In the middle of the flowers, it is yellow -green, raised in the middle, making the flowers look like an open umbrella; the flowers of the purple pearl or two or three grow at the top of the flower stem.

Purple Pearl Flower Flower

Purple Pearl has such a symbol:

“For example, the purple beads of jasper, Yi Ruixiang and Yun Youjia. Qi Qi is not the world, Qianying Qiao Yan leaning on the column.” Because it is not easy to bloom, it is a sense of auspiciousness, so the purple pearl symbolizes the auspicious Ruyi.

At the festival, if you use Zizhu as a gift to give it to friends and relatives, it represents a good blessing of good luck.

Alright, purple pearl flower, have you understood it?