When will Qili Xiang bloom

Qiliangsh blooms time

Qili Xiang’s flowering period is relatively long. Blossoms are generally between April and September each year, and sometimes there are autumn and winter flowers.After the blooming of Qili Xiang, there will be fruits, and the fruiting period is between September and December.

Qili Xiang Flowing Form

The flowers of Qili Xiang are mainly peak or axillary. Generally, there will be more than 10 flowers within 10, and there will be more than 50 times.Qixiang’s petals are overwhelmed or oblong. When they are completely open, there will be some annoyance. The flowers are mainly white, but they will have some pale yellow oil dots.Qili fragrant flowers are accompanied by aroma, which is very rich.

Qili Xiang Flower Picture Appreciation