When will Tang Yupu bloom?

Tangyu Puhua period

From the beginning of planting to the flowering time, it takes 60-120 days from the beginning of planting, but under normal circumstances, Tang Yepu flowers will be different due to seasonal changes.

Planting in July and August, it only takes two months to bloom, and it will take 120 days to bloom in October. This just wait until the Spring Festival will be available to celebrate the Chinese New Year;

In addition, it is necessary to plant Tang Yupu in other times, then it takes 3 months to bloom, so the planting time is different and the flowering time will be different.

How can Tang Yupu bloom more

Light temperature regulation

Tang Yupu plants itself likes long -term sunlight, so to ensure sufficient light, it is necessary to reach the light time of more than 14 hours a day;

Tang Yipu’s growth temperature is between 20 ° C and 25 ° C. Effectively adjusting temperature and temperature adjustment, so that the flowering period can be controlled, and it can also help Tang Yupu bloom.

Bloom in advance

To promote Tang Yupu to bloom in advance, it is necessary to keep the temperature from 0 ° C to 4 ° C. This takes 50 days, mainly to break the dormant, so that Tang Yanpu can continue to grow, and then bloom in advance. The number of blooming normally, so it has also blossomed.

Delayed flowering

Similarly, blooming can be blossomed in advance, and delaying flowering can also promote it;

Can measure the bulbs of Tang Yupu in a dry and low temperature environment for maintenance, so that it keeps the dormant period;

Then break the dormancy period according to the flowering period you want to make it flowering;

Therefore, about 25 days before flowering, use 800 ppm short sturgeon to pour the ball 3 times, which can help Tang Yupu bloom at the time you prescribed, and bloom more.