When will the dog teeth flowers bloom?

Dog Flower Flower Period

Dog’s teeth are white and elegant, mainly white, which looks pure as jade. The flowering period of dog teeth lasted from June each year until November, so the flowering period of dog teeth flowers is relatively long.

When viewing flowers during the flowering period is the most beautiful time, the dog’s teeth will be full of buds during the flowering period, which is plain, which is pleasing to the eye.

Breeding management of dog teeth flowers

Dog Flowers prefer high temperature and humid environment, are not cold -tolerant, and are susceptible to frozen damage. Like fertile and excellent drainage acid soil.

Fertilization management

Dog’s teeth flower likes fertile soil, so they like fertilization, and because of the long flowering period, they consume more nutrients. Compound fertilizer and feces water should be applied from May to September.

By October, reduce the amount of fertilization, but you need to apply dung water every other month. This can ensure the freshness and growth of flower buds.

Light management

Dog’s teeth are a positive tree that naturally likes the sun. During the growth period, you must pay attention to the supply of light, but do not let the strong light direct, and cover it properly.

Water management

Dog flower flowers like moist. The growing soil should be kept moist. Do not water it if you do n’t dry it. When you see half dry, you must pour.

In particular, pay attention to the heat and heat in the summer. You should often spray water with a watering pot around the plant to create a moist environment. It is also necessary to spray water on the leaves to keep the leaves moist and bright.

Prevention of aphids

Common pests of dog teeth are aphids. Pay attention to prevention: It can completely eliminate aphids, use drugs 1:15 to prepare tobacco leaf water, spray for 4 hours, and spray aphids to death.

Or cut off the buds with aphids to avoid transmitted to other healthy branch buds.