When will the fighting vegetables bloom?

耧 The flower of the fighting vegetables

Fighting vegetables bloom from May to July each year. Generally, when the fighting vegetables bloom, they will bloom 3 to 7 flowers. Generally, blue, purple, and some other colors. The flower medicine is yellow.of.

和 The flower language and legend of the fighting vegetables

The fighting vegetables have a different flower language, and they must be succeeded and insist on victory. Like purple buns, its symbolic significance is victory.

The legend about the fighting vegetables is actually relatively old. It is said that in ancient times, the soldiers joined the war in order to protect their homes.The fighting vegetables in the stone pile witnessed people’s war and also witnessed the victory side, so his flower language is victory.

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丽 Dou cuisine is very beautiful, with a beautiful and noble shape like peony peony, but not as delicate as them.That beautiful figure is enough to make people unforgettable.