When will the flower hair bloom

Flowering period

The flowering period of the flower hair is mainly in spring. Generally speaking, when you plant the plants with flower hair in the next year in the spring of the next year, you will bloom in the second year.

Flowers with flowers: The flowers of the flower hair are located on the top of the branches, or the long flower stems are raised from the leaf axils;

Each flower of the flower hair is 1 to 4 flowers, some are severe, semi -semi -petals, rich in color, including white, yellow, red, red, red, orange, purple, brown and other colors. It’s dazzling and beautiful!


The flowering period of the flower hair is generally long to 40 days to 40 days. It is unique and unique. Ideal flowers;

If you feel that the flowering period is not enough, then you can also extend the flowering period of the flower hair!

As for how to extend the flowering period, the previous article, Xiaobian has told you.


Light management

The growth habit of flower hair is not resistant to strong light, and the environment of the semi -shaded growth needs sufficient light in winter. With the rise of temperature and the enhancement of light in spring, at this time Essence

Water and fertilizer management

Flower hair is like a humid environment, but they are also afraid of waterlogging and drought tolerant. Therefore, watering should be based on the growth trend of the plant. It cannot be poured through or dry. Watering should be moderate.

Fertilizers need to use organic fertilizer or organic fertilizer such as cake fertilizer or livestock fertilizer for plant fertilizer for planting. During the growth period, they should be topdressed. In the early stage of topdressing, urea is mainly based on urea, and compound fertilizer is the main period.