When will the flytrap blossom

How long can the flytrap far flow

Generally speaking, the flooding tracting growing will be mature after 4-5 years of breeding, and it can be fruitful at this time.If the flytrap is well raised, you can live at least 20 years to 30 years!

Flowing period of flytrap

The flowering of flies is in summer.In fact, strictly speaking, the new leaves will bloom shortly after the new leaves grow, and it will continue until midsummer.

When the flytrap is blooming, it usually grows a lot of buds on the flower stems, blooming every other day.If the flowers have not been polished, it can be opened for a few days, but after the pollination is successful, the flowers will wither the next day.

Flying Tadder Flowing Form

After the flytrap grows new leaves in the spring, it will grow a longer flower stem. It grows more than 10 buds on it. When blooming, the flowers are white and five petals.Will be strong.

Flying Tadder Flowering Pictures Appreciation