When will the geranium bloom

When will it bloom

The flowering period of geranium is relatively long. Its flowering generally blooms from the early winter and will always bloom in the summer of the second year.Geranium flowers can be said to be rich and changeable. The inflorescence of umbrella villages has more flowers and the colors are very rich. Each flower has its own special beauty.

Related factors of flowering

In winter, geranium will bloom, but the temperature needs to be kept between 10 ° C -15 ° C to bloom normally.

Note that when farming, if the light is insufficient, it will cause the plant to grow long and the flowers of the flowers, which will affect flowering, but the light cannot be too weak, and the flowering will be poor.Do not fertilize too much, it will make it grow too much, and it will not bloom well.However, during the maintenance, in order to make the flowers bright, you can apply some phosphorus and potassium fertilizer solutions to make flowers better every half a month to make flowers better.

In order to make it bloom more, it is necessary to trim in time.

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