When will the golden be ball bloom?

When will the golden koqi bloom?

Golden balls are not very common, because only the golden balls that are carefully maintained can bloom.

If the growth of the golden ball is too small, it is unlikely to bloom, because only the adult golden ball will bloom, and the golden ball balls want to mature, generally it takes twenty or even thirty years.

Why is the golden ball not blooming?

Although it takes a long time to bloom in golden balls, it will not be able to open it if the maintenance is improper.

Generally, flower friends are potted when they are breeding. Such a golden ball ball is small and does not absorb enough nutrition, so it is not easy to bloom.

In fact, the light time is insufficient. The lighting of the breeding gold ball is best not to be less than 6 hours a day. If it is cultivated indoors, it is difficult to meet this standard, so it will grow slowly and less flowers.

How to raise golden balls to bloom

To make the golden ball bloom, a reasonable way to breed.

In terms of water and fertilizer, we need to meet its needs. Golden balls are more resistant to drought and need to control watering. Watering may not be required in winter. In summer, the weather is hot, it is best to spray water at the plants of the Golden Ball. The amount of fertilizer should be moderate, and the more mature golden balls can be growing, the easier it is to bloom.

In addition, you need to change the pot frequently. If you want to grow quickly, you need to have enough room for growth. When you change the pot, you can replace the original smaller pots as a large flower pot. It is best to replace the diagram at the same time when the flower pot, so that the soil can still have sufficient fertilizer. The plant grows well to bloom.