When will the golden marble bloom and bear fruit?

When will the gold marble bloom

Golden bullets are generally blooming between March and April of each year. The flowers are pale yellow. The flower type is like a bottle. It exudes aroma and tastes a bit like orchids.

Golden marble plants are divided into male and female, both of which will bloom, but flowers are different.Generally, the golden marbles bloom, and a lot of flowers are bloomed under the leaf buds. The flowers are like small lanterns.When the female plant blooms, there are only one or two flowers under the leaf buds, and the flowers are relatively large. The flowers look a bit like persimmon flowers. You can see young fruits in the flowers.

When will the gold marble result

Golden bullets are generally bloomed in March, female plants generally started to hang fruit in May. In October, the fruit became orange -yellow, just like a projectile.The male plants generally do not bear the result, even if the fruit is not too much, but the result can be used by grafting.The autumn flower of the golden marble can also bear the fruit, but the fruit is smaller than the fruit of the golden marble blooming in spring.