When will the longevity flowers bloom

Flowering period

For many flower friends, the flowering period of plants is worth noting, after all, this is related to flowers. When is the flowering period of longevity flowers? Most people only know that the flowering period of longevity flowers is long.

The flowering period of longevity flowers is indeed long. Basically, longevity flowers bloom in December each year -April of the next year, it can be 4 or 5 months long. May. In fact, the specific flowering period of longevity flowers is not very fixed. Under the influence of the climate, region and varieties, the flowering period of longevity flowers must be different. The specific situation should be based on the actual situation.

How to ensure flowering

When many flower buddies are breeding longevity flowers, they want to make longevity flowers bloom and bloom well, so what should I do?

In fact, it is mainly from light, temperature and water and fertilizer.

The light is mainly sufficient, and it is best to maintain the light time of 8-9 hours a day. If you temperature, keep it in a suitable range. Here we mainly talk about the temperature in winter. The temperature should not be too low in winter. If it is too low, it will delay the flowering period. Of course, it is too high. The temperature is kept at 15 ° C, and it can be continuously blooming.

If you want to bloom a lot of longevity flowers, sufficient water and fertilizer are also essential. In the budding period, at least 2 times of phosphate fertilizer must be applied to ensure sufficient nutrients. During this time, a beautiful flower came from.