When will the Red Flower Dendrobium bloom?

Flower of Dendrobium Dendrobium

The flowering period of Dendrobium Dendrobium can be said to be relatively long, but it is unsatisfactory and the specific flowering time is not very fixed, but it is usually blooming from March -November.

The flowering form of Dendrobium Dendrobium

Dendrobium Red Flower is one of the four major ornamental foreign flowers, and its ornamental is naturally high. When Dendrobium blooms, the flowers are mostly purple -red, and about 10 small flowers on a bunch of flower branches are clustered together, and each small flower is very beautiful.

Most of the flowers of Dendrobium Dendrobium are composed of 6 petals. The petals are slightly unfolded. Each petals have clear patterns, which shows a round egg -shaped. The yellow flower stamens can be said to be a very bright embellishment.

Red Flower Dendrobium Flower

The flower language of Dendrobium Red Flower is welcomed, dear. It is often considered a symbol of loyalty and affinity. In the West, people often presented Dendrobium Dendrobium to their elders who respect their love. They are generally given to their father on June 19 each year, so Dendrobium Dendrobium is also called -Father’s Day flower.

Dendrobium Dendrobium often cooperates with African chrysanthemums and round -leaf eucalyptus to make chest flowers, or with silk stone bamboo and Tian Dongcao, which means welcome to come. In addition, Dendrobium Dendrobium is often used at large banquets and the opening ceremony.

Redflower Dendrobium flowering picture appreciation