When will the tiger thorn plum blossom

Tiger thorns’ flowering period

Tiger thorn plum is a plant that can bloom in all seasons.However, if you want to make tiger thorns, you can bloom all year round. This is mainly to have suitable conditions such as light, temperature, and humidity, so that it will bloom all year round.Basically, the flowering period of tiger thorns began to concentrate in winter to spring. In the northern hemisphere, especially in winter, the blooming of tiger thorn plums is the most vigorous.

Tiger thorns blossom precautions

When the tiger thorn plum blossoms, there is a suitable light and temperature to bloom well.Basically, during the growth period, maintaining sufficient moisture and appropriate fertilizer can make it flowers with sufficient nutrients.During the blooming of tiger thorns, if the soil can be moderately humid, it can make it flowers.In winter, if the temperature can be kept above 15 ° C, it can continue to bloom.

Tiger thorn plum blossom picture appreciation