When will the wine bottle orchid bloom

Will the bottle orchid bloom?

Will the wine bottle orchid bloom? This is certain. The bottle orchid will bloom, but the bottle orchid needs to spend a long time to bloom, so it is very rare.

Generally, when breeding, flowering needs to be blossomed after environmental conditions such as temperature light and plants are sufficient. Some people say that this process needs to be long, and it is generally possible to plant it for 60 years.In fact, although the bottle orchid flowers are relatively rare, the plants that usually have more than 10 years are likely to bloom. If it is well -maintained, you can see the unique flowers of the bottle Lannana early.

Bottle orchid bloom

The bottle orchid blooms like most agave plants, which is very strange.When blooming, the white small flowers of the wine bottle bloom densely on the flower branches, and the loose conical inflorescence is very spectacular.And these flowers also exudes strange fragrance, which can attract butterfly bees.

The flower language of the bottle orchid is generous.

Wine bottle orchid flowering picture appreciation