When will the Yuyi cabbage be sown?

Hoyberry cabbage sowing time

The most important and most commonly used method in the cake of Yuyi is to sow and reproduce, and it is necessary to control the sowing time when sowing and breeding. The sowing time is very important for the growth of the Yuyi cabbage. Under normal circumstances, we’d better choose to sow the seeds of cabbage cabbage from mid -July to early August each year. During this period, sowing feathers glyphs are conducive to seed germination and healthy growth. However, the amount of rainwater during this period is relatively large, so we should pay attention to drainage work in the process of cultivating the cabbage of feathers. After the sowing work is completed, it is about in late August. In this way, the Yuyi cabbage can grow in a suitable temperature, grow well, and have high ornamental value.

Do not sow the harm of cabbage cabbage on time

If the seeds of the habitat cabbage are sowed before July, when the Yuyi cabbage is growing in the long run, the habitat’s cabbage will be yellow. Time and laborious. If you are late to sow the seeds of 羽 如果 如果 如果, it is already late autumn, the weather gradually becomes cold, the growth temperature of the cabbage is not enough, and the growth status is not good enough. Small, the value -oriented value of the feathers will be greatly reduced, showing the appearance of poor growth and affecting beauty.