When will wheat straw chrysanthemum blossom

The flowering period of the chrysanthemum

The flowering period of chrysanthemums of wheat stalks is concentrated in July to September each year. It is generally blooming in autumn. If wheat straw chrysanthemum is planted in the south, its flowering period may also be advanced. When the flowering period of the chrysanthemum of wheat stalks passes, it will have fruits. The fruit mature period is from September to October each year. After the fruit matures, the seeds can be used for sowing and reproduction.

Blossomed chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemums are chrysanthemums. The biggest feature of this flower is that the petals feel the feel of wax paper, which is crispy, not as moist as ordinary petals. The dried petals of the chrysanthemum of the wheat straw are cash yellow, the color is bright and long -lasting, and it means “sun” and “gold” in ancient Greek. Because the flowers are not withered, it is made of wax, which is a good material for making dry flowers, and a natural “craft” unique to nature.

When the chrysanthemums of wheat stalks bloom, there will be heads of heads at the top of the main or side branches. The diameter of the corolla is about 3 ~ 6cm. The chrysanthemum of the wheat stalks has a total bracts, which is covered with tiles. The outer layer is oval in the shape of the membrane. It is dry and shiny. It looks like petals. , Red and yellow. However, the real flowers of the chrysanthemum of wheat straw are tubular flowers and are located in the center of the flower plate. Its color is yellow.

It has a characteristic of the blooming of wheat straw. The flowers of the chrysanthemum of the wheat straw will be opened on sunny days, and the flowers will be closed on rainy days and night flowers.

After the flowering period, the chrysanthemum entered the fruit period. The chrysanthemum of the wheat stalks will knot small fruits, the fruit is thin and small, presents a small stick, or straight or curved, with four edges. The seeds of the knot are very small, generally a thousand capsules weigh 0.85g.

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