When will Xia Lamei bloom

When will Xia Lamei bloom

Xia Lamei is actually a relatively special type. First of all, we look at its name, Xia La Mei, this is actually the flowering time of Xia Lamei from the side.

Xia Lamei blooms in summer. It is generally started to bloom in the middle and late May of each year. At this time, it has entered summer.Xia Lamen’s flowering period is also relatively long, and it will generally wither until early June.

When Xialamei blooms, the flowers are generally expanded than the leaves, and the flowers are mostly single, growing at the top of the branches, white and huge.

Xia Lamen’s growth stage

Xia La Mei will grow leaves in the late March, bloom in mid -May in the middle of May, wither in early June, and the seeds start to mature from late September to October.

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